Press Kit Kate Moraa

|Performance Info|

Artist Name: Kate Moraa
Type: Singer
Sounds Like: Leona Lewis
Recommended Length: 1h 30min
Genres: R&B, Soul, Jazz & Pop
Traveling From: Apeldoorn, NL

Kate Moraa is a talented singer-songwriter based in The Netherlands originally from Kenya known for her captivating vocals and dynamic stage presence. Kate’s unique blend of traditional Kisii rhythms and modern pop and R&B influences shine through in her music, including the popular Kisii songs Inchwo, Nyayiare, and Gakeigo. She is a skilled performer across various genres, including R&B, soul, jazz, and pop. Kate has performed at various venues in The Netherlands and previously spent five years as a member of a cover band in Kenya. Kate is a standout performer in the music industry with her versatility and extensive experience making her an ideal choice for any event.


  • WLounge Amsterdam
  • Gigant Apeldoorn
  • Het Stadscafe Apeldoorn
  • Cafe 1813
  • Fashion High Tea
  • Sound&Soul Arnhem
  • 5 years cover band in Kenya

| Social|

+31 618342720

Tech Requirements: Kate is a singer with specific tech requirements to ensure that her performances are successful. While Kate is able to perform with most microphones, Kate prefers to her own own high-quality microphone and stand to capture her vocals clearly. Additionally, a good sound system with speakers, amplifiers, mixers, and monitors is essential to ensure that the audience can hear her music and voice properly. When booking her for your event, please let her know if she should bring her own microphone or if you have one available that meets her standards, and ensure that all other tech requirements are available so that she can deliver the best possible performance.
Note: Kate uses backing instrumentals through an auxiliary input (aux) on the mixing console.